Kickstart With Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unlocking Business Transformation with Kickstart:
A Swift and Seamless Implementation

Embarking on a journey to revitalize your business processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Look no further than our Kickstart Implementation Program—an accelerator designed to make the transition swift, easy, and tailored to the unique needs of small businesses.

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Streamlining Data for Accessibility and Organization

Say goodbye to data scattered across various platforms. Kickstart ensures a seamless transition by consolidating your data in one place, accessible and organized in the cloud. Our data import process is designed for efficiency, providing a foundation for a robust business system.
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Empowering Your Team with Hands-On Expertise

Transitioning to a new system can be daunting. Kickstart eliminates the learning curve with hands-on training and support from our accounting experts. We guide your team through the modules you'll use from day one, fostering confidence in navigating the system effectively.
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Tailoring Business Central to Your Needs

At the core of Kickstart lies the promise of configuration tailored to your business. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, and that's why we configure Business Central to align with your specific operational requirements.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

1. What Data Will I Need To Provide?
You'll need to provide us with your Customers, Vendors (Suppliers), and Bank Accounts. These essential components form the foundation for a seamless transition to Business Central.
2. How Do I Get Started With Data Templates?
Once you're signed up, we'll provide you with data templates—a user-friendly, Excel-based tool with intelligent features for easy import into Business Central. A helpful walkthrough accompanies the templates, making the process straightforward. If you can extract your Customers and Vendors from your current system, it's mostly a matter of reshuffling columns, taking just a couple of hours.
3. Can I View An Example Of The Chart Of Accounts In Business Central?
Certainly! We can provide view an example Chart of Accounts for you. Which will give you insight into the structure and organization within Business Central.
4. What If I Want To Provide My Own Chart Of Accounts?
To expedite the implementation process, a "fixed" Chart of Accounts is required initially. After going live, you can add as many additional G/L account codes as needed. If you wish to maintain an existing account structure, no problem—explore our Packs and Pots Implementations for flexibility.
5. What Transaction History Is Brought Across From My Old System?
The data migration includes: • General Ledger: Opening Balances for each G/L Account (you can post this by previous months for additional reporting) • Sales Ledger: Any open items for the Customer (including original dates/document numbers/due dates) • Purchase Ledger: Same as above • Bank Accounts: An opening balance plus any unreconciled entries
6. What If An Area/Module That I Want Isn't Covered In KickStar Solutions?
? KickStart Solutions is designed for a quick start, but additional consultancy packs can be purchased post go-live for setup, configuration, training, and support in new areas. If you need specific areas covered on Day 1, explore our Packs and Pots implementations.
7. Can I Add Extra Data Such As G / L Accounts / Customer / Vendors After My Data Has Been Imported?
Absolutely. The data and system are yours to manage. Once Business Central is set up, you can add extra data as necessary, whenever it suits your business needs.
8. If I Sign-Up For KickStart Solution How Soon Can I Have ?
Data needs to be with us a week before your KickStart Solution. Generally, providing at least a week for data is advisable. The KickStart Solution could be as soon as just 2 weeks away from signing up, offering flexibility to accommodate your schedule.
9. What If I Don't Provide My Data On Time?
Ensure you book your KickStart Solution in advance to allow ample time for data preparation. If the deadline is missed, the KickStart Solution may need to be rescheduled, possibly multiple weeks depending on availability.
10. When Should I 'Go-Live'?
After your KickStart Solutions, you can use Business Central immediately. However, most users prefer to wait and complete month-end on their old system, transferring opening balances/items, and then start using Business Central in production from the start of a new month.

Let’s Chat: Your Questions, Our Answers

Have questions about Business Central? Want to find out if it’s the right fit for your business? Ready to book a demo? Whether you’re transitioning from Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, or another system, we’re here to help. Fill in your details, and we’ll arrange a no-pressure, no-hard-sell chat to address all your questions. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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Get Started with a Personalized Demo: Your Gateway to Transformation

Ready to take the first step towards business transformation? Book your personalized demo by filling in the form. Our team will review your information and schedule a free, personalized demo tailored to your business needs. Experience the power of Kickstart and Dynamics 365 Business Central firsthand.

Client Stories: Real Success, Real Impact

Explore how businesses like ilke Homes have experienced massive benefits from Kickstart and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Joel Andrews, Implementation Analyst at ilke Homes, shares the impact of having instant access to data across multiple locations and devices worldwide.

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